Welcome to Redzone

Everyday 100,000 front line workers in food & CPG plants take a systematic approach to improving operations using the Redzone production system.

Removing the shackles of manual systems, our social mobile technology is quickly deployed with new behaviors & skills coached in over 90 days; shining a light on opportunities, connecting and motivating the workforce and delivering double digit productivity improvements every time.

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Welcome to Redzone
Rapid results:

Increased efficiencies, more throughput, lower scrap, improved margins.

Technology everyone loves to use

Our Approach
  • Built for food & beverage and CPG plants.
  • Cloud technology goes live in days with minimal IT support, infrastructure or resource.
  • Intuitive social-mobile design, results in a training-free rewarding experience for workers.
  • A fraction of the costs of traditional MES/OEE platforms and ROI measured in months.
  • Ready-to-go industry specific capabilities for productivity & quality.


Our Approach

A community for food, beverage, CPG

We understand the needs of food, beverage and CPG companies are different to that of other manufacturing industries; so we created a community to match the specific resource, capital and cultural norms of this sector. Redzone provides the perfect blend of technology and coaching for you to succeed. We are the perfect fit. 

Redzone Community
Results in 90 days

Averaged results from 400 food, beverage & CPG plants who embarked on the 90 day Redzone program. Many plants far surpass these productivity uplifts.

7.8% Point gain in Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)
13.3% Productivity improvement
$612k Annualized savings per plant
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