SLA and Support Plan

This Service Level Agreement and Support Plan (SLA) contains the availability and support commitments provided by Redzone as part of its Software Services.

Uptime Commitment
During each consecutive annual period of the Term beginning on Customer’s Subscription Start Date (each a “Subscription Year”), Redzone guarantees the Software Services will be available for use by Customer for an Uptime of at least 99.90% (“Uptime Commitment”).

Uptime Calculation
Uptime” is calculated as the overall uptime tracked at, (the “Status Metrics”), excluding the relative duration of any Downtime Exclusions during that same period.  The Status Metrics will serve as the exclusive determinant of overall uptime.

Downtime Exclusions” are the non-availability of the Software Services as a result of any of the following:

Service Credits
If Customer claims Redzone has not met the Uptime Commitment, then, within 15 days of the claimed failure to meet the Uptime Commitment, Customer must provide Redzone with written notice (as stated below) of the relevant failure period.

If, upon receipt of notice from Customer, Redzone confirms in good faith, based on the Uptime Metrics and Downtime Exclusions, that the Software Services did not meet the Uptime Commitment to Customer during the applicable Subscription Year, then, provided Customer has fully paid all amounts then-due to Redzone, Redzone will apply a credit toward Customer’s future Subscription Fees owed in accordance with the following (“Service Credits”):

Uptime% of Future Subscription Fees Credited
99.50% – 99.89%5%
99.00% – 99.49%10%
98% – 98.99%15%
< 98%20%

Service Credits are Customer’s sole and exclusive remedy, and Redzone’s sole and exclusive liability, for Redzone’s failure to meet the Uptime Commitment.

Technical Support
The following technical support services are included with all Software Services subscriptions:

Automatic Alerts
Redzone deploys an automated CloudWatch to trigger 24/7 alerts to ensure the health of Redzone infrastructure, requisite server availability, and load balancer response and performance.  Alerts are also set up to monitor if any cloud server loses contact with the on-site automation server or if, for any reason, an automated backup fails to execute successfully.

Notices and Support Requests
Customer must submit support requests through the Redzone App or through the 24/7 Knowledge Base via the built-in chat widget.  Customer must submit notices of any claimed Uptime Commitment failure to Redzone via email to

Resolution Schedule
Redzone will assign support priorities based on the level of criticality, addressing more urgent issues first. Redzone’s support team will endeavor to address issues in real time whenever possible.

CriticalityDefinitionTarget Resolution Time
Level 1Software Services are not operational, and no practical workaround is identified, or a practical workaround identified but would result in an undue burden on Customer’s business operations.6 hours
Level 2Software Services are operational, but day-to-day functionality of the services is materially diminished.  Usage can continue for a reasonable period before the issue becomes critical and/or a reasonably practical workaround is identified.5 working days
Level 3Minor bug or issue that does not materially diminish functionality of the Software Services.  Upgrade can be addressed in a future product release.Upcoming release