Redzone For Your Entire Plant Network

Redzone for large food and CPG organizations

Productivity NOW: Redzone for Large Food and CPG organizations

For large food and CPG companies, after many years of investment in continuous improvement, although solid foundations have been put in place, the performance ‘step change’ remains elusive for many plants in the network. Coupled with the ever present need to enhance margins, unlock capacity and attract and retain a motivated workforce the desire to accelerate these improvements has never been greater.

Redzone is designed to align to and then accelerate these existing improvement efforts in a systematic and predictable manner and have them owned on the shop floor. This is achieved with the right combination of technology and coaching introducing real time visibility, structured forums and problem solving to better leverage the talents and experience of the shop floor teams and establish a more competitive and collaborative environment; we call it winning the day. Shop floor teams buy-in instantly as cumbersome manual systems are replaced by digital technology that has a familiar look and feel and gives a voice to the shop floor. With this bottom up approach to improvement, change happens fast, we call it Productivity NOW.

For large enterprises we demonstrate the rapid behavioral changes that lead to this step change in performance over a 90 day proof of concept. This concludes with a success assessment to demonstrate the change in both the metrics and the mindset of the plant floor teams. From proof of concept Redzone’s Enterprise Coaching team help to define standard measures, behaviors and forums along with boundaries of flexibility to allow the rollout to be performed in a consistent and standardized manner without stifling creativity at the individual plant level.


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