Redzone Drives Real ESG Outcomes for Customers

Manufacturing has a reputation for being an industry stuck in the past, utilizing old technologies and processes – in fact, only 24% of manufacturing companies have introduced smart manufacturing tech. While many manufacturers invest in tech to optimize processes and operations, another hugely potent “side” outcome is sustainability gains and other significant benefits that are key to an organization’s ESG (environmental, social and corporate governance) goals – and our planet.

At Redzone, we are taking these responsible steps to drive sustainability for our customers:

Productivity efficiencies reduce environmental impacts

Empowering frontline workers with the control and the ability to problem-solve right from the shop floor not only motivates the workforce but also nets significant productivity outcomes. Using Redzone, many plants are now producing the same amount of output in four days as they would in five, reducing their carbon footprint by as much as 20%. This increase in production efficiency comes with less yield loss and packaging waste, ultimately reducing product sent to landfills.

Engaged workforces drive stronger, local communities

Data shows that engaged employees create a more efficient work environment, and contribute to increased pride in the company, all of which benefit the social and economic dynamics of local communities. As factories show greater appreciation and recognition for their frontline employees and increase productivity, revenue also grows, creating greater career and economic growth opportunities.

Benefits of digitization

To comply with government regulations and create safe environments for workers, Redzone authorizes behavioral-based safety audits, as well as quality assurance and layered audit processes. The digitization of this process helps cut down on paper usage and also ensures government compliance and customer protocols.

At Redzone, we are here to adapt manufacturing not only to new technologies but also to the environmental, social and governance issues impacting business and the climate. The key lies in treating frontline workers with dignity: success, revenue and opportunities soon follow.

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