Redzone Connected Workforce for Small and Medium Manufacturers

Manufacturers across the globe are grappling with unprecedented challenges from COVID-19 and an ever-changing world—demand surges, abrupt pivots, and an ongoing talent battle. Redzone’s Connected Workforce Solution is pivotal, addressing industry-wide issues by recognizing the untapped potential of underutilized frontline workers. By fostering teamwork and breaking down silos, Redzone unlocks hidden capacity, transforming challenges into opportunities for growth and sustained improvement in the manufacturing landscape.

Productivity NOW!

Redzone delivers where other shop floor technologies have failed; real results in 90 days! Whether you need additional capacity or bottom-line savings, Redzone unlocks an average improvement of 15–30% productivity – without adding people or equipment.

At the start of the engagement, we agree to a clearly defined OEE uplift goal to be achieved in 90 days, taking into account your starting point in terms of efficiency and your continuous improvement experience and maturity. This goal becomes the obsession for our collective teams.

 The Power of People

Redzone believes in unlocking extraordinary potential in ordinary people. By equipping your teams with the right technologies and skills, we create an environment where they are excited to come to work, solve problems together, and make a difference. 

In a labor-challenged industry, Redzone stands out by giving workers a voice and turning them into productivity engines, unleashing double-digit improvements in Production, Quality, and Maintenance teams through a team-of-teams approach. 

Our coaching model introduces new standard work, fostering a culture of shop floor ownership and engagement that restores pride and dignity to manufacturing.

The FIVE Cs of Redzone


Ask any plant leader what they want to improve most and they’ll say “the shop floor culture.” No other connected workforce solution addresses this critical component of human resources like Redzone.


Plants can be loud. Plants can be spread out. But that doesn’t matter if you give your workers a voice. Redzone connects everyone to everyone else with a digital identity to keep everyone in the loop.


It’s easy for functional groups to clique off into silos, but not with Redzone! The key to success is bringing Production, Quality and Maintenance teams together on a regular basis (lineside huddles, twice per shift) to team up on resolving unplanned issues to get, or stay, on track.


Rewarded behavior is repeated behavior and it’s surprising how rarely manufacturers celebrate individual, team, and even company performance. High fives, good catches and rally cries give each individual worker dignity and keep them motivated.

Continuous Improvement

The result comes back to a culture of Continuous Improvement that is driven by the frontline workforce, not just the CI team. Everyone understands how they can help and are given a voice—and an outlet—to make things happen.

factory worker

The Redzone Way

Unplanned Collaboration

Redzone prioritizes unplanned collaboration on the shop floor, recognizing the need for agility. Our approach connects everyone, balancing people, processes, and technology, enabling swift issue identification and resolution.

graph showing the relationships surrounding people, technology, and process

Coaching in Behaviors on the Frontlines

Redzone’s coaching model offers refined, repeatable 90-day bursts for step-change improvements. Our industry-experienced coaches become integral to your operation, implementing tailored standard work for sustainable success.

Team-of-Team Applications

Each of the functional groups in Operations: Production, Quality and Maintenance, have task-specific standard work behaviors and application capabilities required for their team to excel.

The Redzone Connected Workforce Solution brings them together on a high-performance Frontline Collaboration Platform turning your team into a productivity engine whose whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Rapid Time to Value

Redzone ensures a quick and hassle-free implementation within days, not weeks. The team tailors a cloud footprint to your needs, allowing you to be up and running in one week, with each phase completed in 90 days. Coaches impart essential skills, utilizing a Frontline Collaboration Platform that fosters immediate communication and productivity improvements, ensuring sustained success.

graph showing Redzone journey

Typical Results

ALL Redzone customers experience uplifts that are sustainable over time – as long as you stick to the teachings of The Redzone Way. Even mature, high-performing plants will experience tangible uplifts that go right to the bottom line.

graph showing results

Redzone Brochure for Small – Medium Enterprises

Read all about how the Redzone Connected Workforce Solution can transform your operations and the features and benefits Redzone offers to small to medium sized organizations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Connected Worker Software?

A: Connected Worker Software refers to technology solutions that connect and empower frontline workers, fostering collaboration, improving communication, and enhancing productivity in various industries, including manufacturing.

Q: How does Redzone’s Connected Worker Software benefit manufacturing operations?

A: Connected Worker Software, like Redzone, benefits manufacturing operations by unlocking the potential of frontline workers, improving productivity, fostering collaboration, and addressing challenges in real time.

Q: Can Connected Worker Software be customized for specific industries or needs?

A: Yes, Redzone’s Connected Worker solution offers customization options to tailor the platform to specific industries, operational needs, and compliance requirements.

Q: Can Connected Worker Software integrate with existing systems?

A: Yes, most Connected Worker Software solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing systems, ensuring compatibility with tools and technologies already in use within the organization.

Q: What sets Redzone’s Connected Workforce Solution apart from other Connected Worker Software?

A: Redzone stands out by focusing on the Power of People, emphasizing a team-of-teams approach, and delivering rapid time to value with a 90-day results-driven model, making it a unique and effective solution for manufacturers.