The Connected Workforce Solution for Large Enterprise Manufacturers

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturing enterprises have faced unprecedented challenges, from surges in demand to the need for new safety protocols. Compounded by the perennial complexities of the industry and the struggle to recruit and retain talent, manufacturers are under constant pressure to enhance productivity.

Recognizing the changing workforce dynamics and the need to activate frontline workers as a productivity engine, RedZone offers the Connected Workforce Solution. This solution aims to break down silos, align teams, and engage frontline workers, providing manufacturing plants with the agility to address challenges and unlock substantial opportunities for growth and profitability.

Productivity NOW!

Redzone delivers rapid productivity across your entire plant network.

Whether you are looking for growth or profitability, Redzone unlocks an average increase of 10–20% productivity across larger more sophisticated plants (with high starting OEE baselines); while delivering as much as twice that improvement for less mature factories (with lower baselines) in your plant network – without adding people or equipment.

We work with your plant and CI leadership to lay out a success plan that can be achieved at each plant in your network. Our goal is to enable and reinforce your chosen improvement methods with desired behaviors and instituting new activities where there are gaps. This goal becomes the obsession for our collective teams.

2 workers using plant management software

The Right Technology for Today

The key to the RedZone difference is an innovative application of the technology that people use in their everyday lives, purpose-built for production manufacturing. While digital transformation is all the rage, too many approaches offer endless possibilities but no defined solutions that deliver real results.

Mobile 1st

Redzone differs by being purpose-built for deskless workers, prioritizing seamless communication on the production line. With the iPad’s user-friendly interface and multimedia capabilities, effective and purposeful communication becomes possible anywhere.

Secure Cloud

Developed as a native cloud solution, every component is secured by the SOC 2 certified SaaS platform for high-availability and performance. No on-premise solution can offer the same level of data security and integrity that Redzone’s native cloud platform can.

Ease of Implementation and Integration

Redzone’s solution is meticulously designed to minimize the IT and OT plant footprint, employing standard communication technologies like OPC-UA for rapid deployment within days. The system seamlessly integrates data streams with MES, ERP, or CMMS systems without the need for custom programming or ongoing maintenance.

Low Cost of Deployment

No servers to buy, install or configure let alone maintain and upgrade. The technology is managed by the Redzone Operations team including continuous upgrades, back-up and recovery.


15+ languages with automated translations so non-native-English speaking users can write in their preferred language, but can be read by others in their chosen language.

The Power of Culture

RedZone believes in the extraordinary potential of ordinary people and emphasizes the transformative power of cultivating a culture that recognizes and rewards exceptional efforts until they become the norm. 

By focusing on frontline teams as a secret weapon, RedZone instills a culture of shop floor ownership, fostering organic continuous improvement (CI). In contrast to the common approach of addressing labor challenges through automation, RedZone asserts that people are the true productivity engine and need empowerment, not displacement. 

The Connected Workforce Solution integrates Production, Quality, and Maintenance teams into a collaborative unit, unlocking pent-up productivity and achieving sustainable long-term growth. RedZone’s coaching model instills an improvement mindset, empowering workers to contribute meaningfully to CI projects, resulting in a culture of shop floor ownership, pride, and engagement within the manufacturing realm.

Two factory workers demonstrating company culture

The FIVE Cs of Redzone


Ask any enterprise plant leader what they want to improve most and they’ll say “the shop floor culture.” No other connected workforce solution addresses this critical component of human resources like Redzone.


Plants can be loud. Plants can be spread out. Plants can be all over the world. But that doesn’t matter if you give your workers a voice. Redzone connects everyone to everyone else within the entire plant network with a digital identity to keep everyone in the loop.


In a large multi-plant operation, preventing functional groups from forming isolated silos is crucial, and RedZone is here to facilitate seamless collaboration! Success lies in regularly uniting Production, Quality, and Maintenance teams across different plants, fostering teamwork through consistent interactions, such as lineside huddles held twice per shift. This approach ensures a unified effort in addressing unplanned issues, allowing the entire operation to stay on track and maintain optimal efficiency.


At an enterprise level, acknowledging that rewarded behavior is repeated behavior becomes even more essential. RedZone recognizes the significance of celebrating individual, team, and company performance in manufacturing settings. Implementing practices like high fives, acknowledging good catches, and rally cries not only bestow dignity upon each worker but also serve as powerful motivators across the entire multi-plant operation. 

Continuous Improvement

With RedZone, we emphasize ensuring that every individual understands their role and is equipped with both a voice and an outlet to actively contribute to positive changes. This inclusive approach creates a collaborative environment where everyone comprehends their impact and has the means to drive continuous improvement. It’s about empowering every team member to play a vital role in the ongoing betterment of processes and outcomes.

Redzone Software used on the plant floor

Transformation Across the Enterprise

In the race towards digital transformation, manufacturers seek technology promising a competitive edge and quick results, yet often find themselves grappling with one-size-fits-all proof-of-concepts (POCs) that fail to address real problems. 

Traditional top-down solutions like ERP and MES offer executive visibility but lack support for frontline workers dealing with daily challenges. The complexity of these solutions exacerbates the struggle to implement broad changes across diverse plant networks. 

Redzone advocates for a unique, bottom-up approach, focusing on unplanned issue resolution to drive plant/network standardization and collaboration. This purposeful flexibility, inspired by modern social network concepts, aligns everyone with the same plan, enhancing productivity and facilitating true digital human transformation.

Rapid Time to Value

Unlike other complex enterprise software, Redzone’s deployment is swift and scalable. Customized cloud footprints are quickly tailored to each plant’s needs, eliminating the need for extensive IT or OT involvement. 

Coaches impart consistent skills and behaviors, fostering real-time knowledge sharing across plants. The Frontline Collaboration Platform ensures rapid adoption of The Redzone Way, leading to immediate productivity gains and effective collaboration among teams.

Typical Results

ALL Redzone customers, including large enterprises, experience uplifts that are sustainable over time – as long as you stick to the teachings of The Redzone Way. Even mature, high-performing plants will experience tangible uplifts that go right to the bottom line.

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