Operator care

  • Free up your maintenance resources by leveraging operators for clean/inspect/lubricate and other minor maintenance activities
  • Reduce stoppages and unplanned DT by enabling operators with greater ownership of the equipment they use

Operator Sense

  • Catch potential downtime issues before they happen by training operators on early defect detection
  • Tune operators’ sight, sound, and smell senses into early-warning sensors
  • Communicate potential issues to maintenance with videos to enable more ‘single call’ repairs

Work order and PMs

  • Create ‘Doctor’ position and institute ‘Doctor’s Rounds’ to pre-empt downtime events
  • Define criticality ratings for PMs to minimize wasted time and ensure high-priority equipment is operational.
  • Track planned downtime to effectively schedule PM activities without disruption


  • Reduce lost productivity and frustration with instant connection to the maintenance team
  • Respond more quickly to unavoidable DT to minimize waste and lost production capacity
  • Monitor and evaluate event frequency to influence maintenance priority and scheduling

Reliability coaching

Coach the maintenance team to educate operators on basic maintenance tasks like clean, inspect, and lubricate to give maintenance techs more time for critical PMs. Coaches turn on operators’ ‘senses’ of sight, sound, and smell to extend the reach of maintenance by making Operators their eyes and ears.

Communication & Collaboration

Connect frontline operators directly with maintenance team for immediate response when potential equipment issues are ‘sensed’. Rich, multi-media tools deliver ambiguity-free communication so maintenance techs know exactly what is happening and what they need to respond with.