Stop Unplanned Stops!​

It’s better to prevent than fix

With TPM in a box, transfer equipment care to operators and remove the tension between production and maintenance – there’s even a ‘bat-phone’ for when things do go wrong.​

Operator Equipment Care​

Equipment care is no longer just a maintenance responsibility. With Redzone, factories transfer clean, inspect, and lubricate (CIL) tasks to operators – Ultimately, upskilling operators, freeing up maintenance techs, and preventing unplanned downtime. Digital centerlines ensure one right way to setup and operate the line. ​

Maintenance Collaboration ​

Remove the barrier between production and maintenance with equipment health reports. The health report allows production and maintenance to dig deeper on key reliability items including early defect detection (operator senses), service requests, breakdowns, CILs, and PMs. The interactions promote upskilling of production employees in the care of their equipment.​

Breakdown Calls​

While prevention is key, the unplanned inevitably happens. Operators call technicians using ‘Uber for maintenance’ to ensure the right information gets to the right person immediately to minimize downtime. For the first time, plants know exactly when a line stopped, when help was requested, when help arrived, and when the line got back up and running. ​ ​