Frontline Workforce Collaboration​

Give your Frontlines a Voice.
You’ll Like What You Hear.

For the first time ever, production, maintenance and quality are connected and collaborating with purpose — winning together towards a common goal.​

Everyone-to-Everyone Communication ​

With a digital identity and a voice when teams see something, they can say something. Endless ways to solve problems using social mobile communication: chats, video calls, pictures @mentions, line logs, push notifications, alerts, and more.​

​Leaders broadcast plant-wide safety communication and important customer information through channels, alerts, and leader videos. ​

Collaborate with Purpose 

With Redzone, teams huddle around real-time data, they talk about the right problems, they conduct root cause analyses, they implement actions, and they call the plays. With interlocking forums, each frontline team is connected to plant leadership who removes barriers as part of the problem-solving process. ​

Celebrate and Elevate​

Rewarded behavior is repeated behavior and who doesn’t like breaking records!? Never miss a chance to recognize behaviors and results by sending high fivesgood catches, and holding digital or in-person townhalls to elevate your frontlines. ​