Continuous Improvement: Refining Lean Manufacturing Software 

Revolutionize lean manufacturing software with continuous improvement tools that better engage teams and boost productivity.

Continuous refinement of processes
Empowering frontline workers
Promoting dignity in the workplace
Harnessing the power of technology

The Journey from Lean Manufacturing to Continuous Improvement

Born from the philosophies of W. Edwards Deming in the 1950s, continuous improvement evolved from statistical process control (SPC) and total quality management (TQM). The advent of lean manufacturing by Toyota in the 1980s further refined the concept, emphasizing waste elimination and just-in-time production for improved efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

While both philosophies laid a strong foundation, the world of manufacturing is now transitioning to a fusion of these two concepts — marrying the efficiency of lean manufacturing with the relentless progress of continuous improvement.

Empowering Frontline Workers: The Cornerstone of Modern Manufacturing

In the face of labor and inflationary challenges, it’s more important than ever to uplift the frontline employee experience. When workers are treated with dignity, given purpose and provided with opportunities for skills progression and career growth, it leads to a more efficient and satisfied workforce.

The Role of Technology: Facilitating Continuous Improvement

Today’s connected workforce solutions software is an essential tool in your continuous improvement journey. It works by:

  • Enabling real-time data analysis
  • Streamlining communication
  • Offering digital error-proofing solutions

QAD Redzone’s Continuous Improvement ERP Solutions

Transition smoothly and efficiently with QAD Redzone’s ERP solutions, designed to support your shift from lean manufacturing to continuous improvement. You’ll also:

  • Gain comprehensive visibility into your business operations
  • Seamlessly integrate with other systems
  • Customize our platform to fit your unique manufacturing needs

The Continuous Improvement Cycle

Embrace the future of manufacturing with the Continuous Improvement Cycle: Plan, Do, Check, Act. This cyclical process allows for constant identification of improvement areas, implementation of changes, evaluation of results and refinement of processes — a recipe for consistent progress.

Empowering Frontline Workers with QAD Redzone

Foster a sense of ownership and pride in your employees with QAD Redzone’s user-friendly tools. Leverage real-time data collection and enhanced communication features to empower your workforce, a critical step in the journey to continuous improvement.

Continuous Improvement Tools and Integrations

Maximize the potential of QAD Redzone’s ERP solutions by integrating them with a range of complementary tools. From visual cards for mini-audits to automation tools for custom dashboards and analytics, these additions can refine your lean manufacturing practices and enable continuous improvement.

Ready-to-use Continuous Improvement Apps

Accelerate your transition with our ready-to-use lean manufacturing tools and continuous improvement apps. Designed to enhance various aspects of manufacturing implementation, these apps offer functionalities like material replenishment, real-time notifications and shopfloor communication.

Double Frontline Engagement

An engaged frontline workforce can dramatically reduce staff turnover. Our Engagement Study reveals how 50 plants boosted productivity and reduced turnover by focusing on five key areas of engagement.

The Redzone Way

Redzone champions frontline teams to work with purpose and win the day, every day.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Experience the power of transition through real-life examples. Businesses have successfully achieved their continuous improvement goals using QAD Redzone ERP solutions. Explore our case studies, witness tangible results and hear from satisfied customers.

Experience Powerful Results in Just 90 Days

Unlock your plant’s hidden capacity with QAD Redzone’s ERP solutions. Witness transformative productivity increases in less than three months while engaging and retaining your frontline teams.

The Productivity Flywheel Effect

With QAD Redzone, impressive results within the first 90 days set the stage for continuous improvements, boosting overall productivity, engagement and retention. 

Frontline Momentum

Enhance production, boost engagement and reduce turnover to achieve results, such as:


Productivity Increase


Increase in Engagement


Reduction in Staff Turnover

* Average over 1,000 plants

Real Customers. Real Results

Harness the power of QAD Redzone like other organizations that have already achieved measurable results.. Our customers report productivity increases and improved engagement factors every other year.

Ventura Foods
Redzone is truly empowering not only our supervisors, but also our operators, to get the performance they need on their lines. It’s turbo charged our process!
Pablo Cussatti SVP Manufacturing
William’s key to success is his focus and determination on win-win outcomes for Redzone prospects and customers. A digital transformation expert and a true team player.
William Bond National Accounts Director
Osvaldo’s industry expertise and leadership skills have ensured his growth within a close-knit team. His integrity and passion towards our solution means he gains respect wherever he goes.
Osvaldo Granillo Sales Director, Medium Enterprise

Find out how to reduce your staff turnover, overnight!

Discover how plants authentically transformed their level of frontline engagement.

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