How the Future of Embedded Analytics Will Impact Manufacturing

Manufacturers have a complex relationship with the software industry. Leaders typically take enthusiastic press releases as hype, preferring to test solutions before believing in new capabilities. However, one new trend manufacturers have re-embraced enthusiastically is embedded analytics, which Absolute Reports says is poised to grow from $35.7 billion to $71.8 billion from 2022 to 2028.

What is it? In the report synopsis for the Future of Embedded Analytics Market by 2029: Trends and Predictions, the research firm’s analysts say “Embedded analytics is the integration of analytic content and capabilities within applications, such as business process applications (e.g., CRM, ERP, EHR/EMR) or portals (e.g., intranets or extranets).”

Manufacturing has been a leader with embedded analytics, connecting systems of record to create a dynamic supply chain and leveraging cloud-based solutions to improve production processes.

Use Embedded Analytics in QAD Redzone to Transform Production 

The QAD Redzone Connected Workforce Solution enables manufacturers to capitalize on embedded analytics to transform production processes. Customers place sensors on equipment, connecting processes and gaining real-time insights into production conditions. That information is surfaced and made available via QAD Redzone. Workers can see dashboards and data on overhead TVs, tablets by equipment, and an app on their smartphones.

QAD Redzone provides out-of-the-box functionality, such as dashboards, leaderboards, actions, issues, alerts, chats, logs, and blogs, which provide focused content for shop floor huddles, daily operation meetings, and weekly process improvement sessions. As a result, managers and teams are able to visualize tasks, workflows, and metrics making it easier to review progress and overcome obstacles before they harm production. 

Manufacturers that deploy QAD Redzone and work through its various modules – Productivity, Compliance, Reliability, and Learning – connect business processes and gain unprecedented insights into their business. QAD Redzone provides a powerful communication and collaboration platform for monitoring, documenting, reporting, analyzing and driving continuous improvement results.

And with the recent acquisition of Redzone by QAD, our Connected Workforce Solution is integrated into QAD’s cloud-based system of records, enabling greater business visibility and process control. 

Embedded analytics can transform businesses – but only if teams act on them. QAD Redzone provides the data and tools to connect insight to action and optimize processes at scale, setting the stage for improvements over months and years to come. 

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