Frontline MVP Spotlight Series: Dave Rios

How Dave Rios’s Drive and Enthusiasm Led to Huge Productivity Gains 

What happens when you give dedicated frontline workers even more opportunities to excel?  Just ask our July Frontline MVP Spotlight, Dave Rios, Production Supervisor at Allied Wire & Cable, an independently operated wire, cable, and tubing manufacturer in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

Dave saw QAD Redzone as a way to empower his team and encouraged his teammates to use it. His enthusiasm and dedication to unlocking the full potential of QAD Redzone led to a remarkable 166% increase in productivity for Allied Wire & Cable within the first 90 days of implementation.

Being able to have that accessibility in front of you — from checking where these guys are sending maintenance requests, getting problems solved in live action — is just such a big step forward in all the improvements we’ve been doing.

Dave Rios | Production Supervisor, Allied Wire & Cable

What Makes Dave a Redzone Frontline MVP

Dave is the first to admit that he was skeptical when he heard about QAD Redzone. However, when his manager asked him to give it a chance, he decided to see how it could help the team. Once he experienced its capabilities first-hand, he was hooke

Today, Dave is an ardent QAD Redzone fan and user. He’s also an example of a frontline worker who is ready to step up and take things to the next level. Here are some examples of how he actively promotes Allied Wire & Cable’s values in his day-to-day actions.


Dave recognized right away that QAD Redzone provided an efficient way to pass information from the workers who know something to the workers who need to know it. This accelerated data flow allowed workers on the floor to act right away instead of waiting for direction from the top down.

The new workflow for maintenance requests also makes life easier. Previously, team members submitted maintenance requests to Dave to type up and submit when he had time. Sometimes he got to them, and sometimes he just plain forgot them.

QAD Redzone made this whole process easier. Team members now have the authority to document maintenance issues themselves through the Redzone platform, instead of handing them off to Dave for manual entry. This eliminates delays so that maintenance can be handled in real-time while Dave tracks the requests on his iPad.

This year has been a huge growth year for Dave…he’s driving the team through actual leadership. He’s going through courses that we’ve been lucky enough to have here, and he really grabbed hold of it. He’s leveraging that with Redzone, understanding how to empower his team, and just become this incredible leader.
Christopher Scherer Director of Operations, Allied Wire & Cable


Dave’s leadership style is to empower his team so they can do their jobs well. As a leader, he believes that before he can ask anything of anyone else, he must first be willing to ask it of himself.

These qualities stand out to his managers, who say Dave is a great role model. He excels at pulling the team together and getting everyone on the same page so they’re working toward the same goal.

He’s a driven person, no matter what his managers and the team throw at him.

Kevin Shayer | VP Operations and Supply Chain, Allied Wire & Cable


Dave is a driving force at Allied Wire & Cable, ready to lend a hand anywhere he’s needed. He has the skills and initiative to jump in with any department at the warehouse, moving from Value Add to Quality to Picking to Spooling on a moment’s notice. He can enter any department, huddle with the team, set goals, and motivate everyone to go out and do the job.

When there’s a problem, departments know they can call Dave at home and ask for help. His answer is always, “I’ll be there in five minutes.”

Dave Rios, Allied Wire & Cable


Like a coach that inspires the team to achieve things they never thought possible, Dave is driven. He doesn’t shy away from tough conversations, yet is quick to give the encouragement and positive reinforcement needed to build a strong team.

Engaging the Team at Allied Wire & Cable

QAD Redzone makes it easier for employees to do their best every day while enabling managers to see and acknowledge their contributions. Dave can monitor his iPad to see who suggests improvements and completes activities, which helps the team foster a sense of accomplishment. And every manager loves to watch the look on employees’ faces when they’re recognized in front of their peers.

Increasing Team Productivity

The productivity gains that Dave and the team realized by using QAD Redzone have enabled Allied Wire & Cable to serve its customers better. In the first 90 days with Redzone, the company saw a 166% uplift in productivity, and the lead time in Value Add service went from 15 days down to two days.

Encouraging Others to Prioritize Safety

Sustaining increased productivity takes a commitment to safety in the warehouse. The safety prompts in QAD Redzone have made it easier for Dave and the other Leads at Allied Wire & Cable to incorporate daily, weekly, and monthly safety talks into their routine. They even incorporate a safety message into every huddle.

Leading with Enthusiasm

Dave’s managers rave about how energetic, inspiring, and authentic he is. When they look for him, he’s the “orange blur” on the warehouse floor. An enthusiastic supporter of QAD Redzone, Dave is known for giving the best argument for why it’s such a game-changer. Allied Wire & Cable managers often host visitors from other companies who want to see how QAD Redzone works in real life. When they arrive, Dave’s managers make sure he is one of the first stops on their tour.

His enthusiasm spreads throughout the warehouse. Management estimates that almost three-fourths of the team members actively use QAD Redzone thanks to cheerleaders like Dave. They use it to lead huddles, create maintenance requests, take notes, and give fellow team members recognition with High Fives. Some of the warehouse’s “quiet performers,” employees who normally do their job without calling attention to themselves, now have an opportunity to shine by using QAD Redzone.

Congratulations to Dave for his recognition as a star performer at Allied Wire & Cable!

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