Reily Foods Community Event with VIP Plant Tour  

Join your local Redzone community and see how our hosts, Reily Foods, have increased their productivity by 22%, sustained across three plants.

Come hear their team discuss the dramatic culture change on the shop floor that has reduced unplanned downtime and increased their overall productivity. According to VP of Operations, Mike Bearden, Redzone fits right into their core philosophy to “Run better, throw less away”

During this event, you will take a private tour of the Reily Foods plant. You’ll also hear from their executive leadership and frontline team on how the company has transformed its shop floor culture. 

Come network with the local Redzone Community in and around Louisiana as they share the challenges facing their organizations and how they have tackled them. 


Mike Bearden, VP of Operations, Reily Foods 
Courtney Faucheux, Plant Manager, Reily Foods 
Ryan Holliday, Strategic Projects Manager, Reily Foods 

Who should attend

Owners, CEOs, VP Ops, Continuous Improvement Executives, and Human Resource Directors 


5601 Chef Menteur Highway, New Orleans, Louisiana 70126 

This is an executive-only event: Places are limited to 2 per company and subject to approval from the hosts.





Learn about the Reily Foods Operations and Journey


Plant Tour Begins


Redzone Update and Best Practices


Roundtable Discussion with Local Leaders in Manufacturing


Customer Dinner and Networking at nearby restaurant (Location TBD)

Experience a Redzone Community Event

Join Redzone for an exclusive plant tour and the opportunity to network with and learn from other Redzone Community members! Share tips and tricks and learn how to overcome challenges facing your industry. Don’t just take our word for it, check out this video from a recent Redzone Community Event.

Redzone is truly empowering not only our supervisors, but also our operators, to get the performance they need on their lines. It’s turbo charged our process!
Pablo Cussatti SVP Manufacturing
Valentino Lascano
The reduction in turnover was amazing. We used to have an unfavorable turnover of nearly 80% and now that churn is gone.
Valentino Lascano Plant Manager, Soft Gel Technologies Inc.

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