Crest Foods Productivity & QA Roadshow with Plant Tour

Join Crest Foods and QAD Redzone to learn firsthand how they’ve improved employee engagement, increased productivity by 11%, gone completely paperless, and saved 750,000 sheets of paper!

Hear from plant leaders who have implemented the QAD Redzone Connected Workforce Solution and are already seeing both the productivity and culture change benefits. Meet 20+ manufacturers, just like you, who are wondering what to do next in their mission to grow and overcome the many challenges faced in your area.

During this event, you will take a private tour of the Crest Foods plant. You’ll also hear from their executive leadership and frontline team on how the company has transformed its shop floor culture and increased productivity.

Come network with industry peers in and around Illinois as they share the challenges facing their organizations and how they have tackled them by leveraging QAD Redzone’s Productivity and Compliance capabilities.


Jared Stumpenhorst, Operations Manager, Crest Foods
Dawn Summers, Quality Manager, Crest Foods
Rod Burnette, Production Manager, Crest Foods
Karen Yardley, Safety & Sanitation Manager, Crest Foods
Brian Beckman, Maintenance Manager, Crest Foods

Who should attend

Owners, CEOs, VP Ops & Continuous Improvement Executives


502 Browne Ave, Ashton IL, 61006

This is an executive-only event: Places are limited to 2 per company and subject to approval from the hosts.


10:00am – 10:15am

Introductions: Meet other manufacturers in your community


Presentation: Crest Foods will share their productivity journey through employee engagement and the connected workforce solution method


Plant Tour: See QAD Redzone in action as you tour the Crest Foods Plant


Lunch & Coffee


Ask the Panel: A panel discussion on the top challenges faced by manufacturers today


Results: See productivity benchmarks from other manufacturers just like you who are delivering an average of 22% productivity improvement!

Experience a Productivity & QA Event

Join Redzone and our customers for an exclusive plant tour and the opportunity to network with and learn from other manufacturers in your area! Don’t just take our word for it, check out this video from a recent Productivity & QA Event.

Crest Foods Frontline Workers
What has most impressed us with our use of QAD Redzone is how it gives our employees a multitude of opportunities and methods for having their voices heard. This has led to greater engagement in operational goals and led to significant improvements in all areas! The exciting thing for our organization is the realization that even with the success we have seen thus far, we know that Redzone still has more that we can leverage to take us even higher!
Jared Stumpenhorst Operations Manager, Crest Foods
QAD Redzone has been the catalyst in the transformation of our plant – creating a more productive, collaborative, and engaged workforce which ultimately results in the best product going out to stores.
Zach Breeded Director of Operations, KIND

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