AquaCal – Productivity & QA Roadshow with Plant Tour

Join AquaCal and QAD Redzone to learn firsthand how they’ve improved employee engagement, increased productivity by 20%, and gone completely paperless!

Hear from plant leaders who have implemented the QAD Redzone Connected Workforce Solution and are already seeing both the productivity and culture change benefits.  Meet 20+ manufacturers, just like you, who are wondering what to do next in their mission to grow and overcome the many challenges faced in your area.

During this event, you will take a private tour of the AquaCal plant. You’ll also hear from their executive leadership and frontline team on how the company has transformed its shop floor culture and increased productivity.

Come network with industry peers in and around Florida as they share the challenges facing their organizations and how they have tackled them by leveraging QAD Redzone’s Productivity and Compliance capabilities.


Bob Kulstad – CFO, AquaCal
Adam Eckstein – Sr. Director of Operations, AquaCal 
Carl Anderson – Production Control Manager, AquaCal
Cliff Gay – Quality Manager, AquaCal

Who should attend

Owners, CEOs, VP Ops & Continuous Improvement Executives


2737 24th St N
Saint Petersburg, FL 33713

This is an executive-only event: Places are limited to 2 per company and subject to approval from the hosts.


10:00am – 10:15am

Introductions: Meet other manufacturers in your community



AquaCal will share their productivity journey through employee engagement and the connected workforce solution method


Plant Tour

See QAD Redzone in action as you tour the AquaCal Plant.


Lunch & Coffee


 Ask the Panel: A panel discussion on the top challenges faced by manufacturers today 

Experience a Productivity & QA Event

Join Redzone and our customers for an exclusive plant tour and the opportunity to network with and learn from other manufacturers in your area! Don’t just take our word for it, check out this video from a recent Productivity & QA Event.

The positive impact of QAD Redzone was immediately noticeable – Day one of turning on Redzone, we went from 120 to 210 units. Since then, we’ve gone 100% paperless, increased employee retention to 91%, and reduced turnover by 65%. Round that out with 300+ operator care checks per month, and the empowerment our frontline workers have felt is unmatched. It’s great to see our workers taking ownership in their work, embracing new technology, and the positive effect on our bottom line, has been tremendous.
Adam Eckstein Sr. Director of Operations

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