Event Details

Guest Speaker

  • Matt Parker - Director of Manufacturing, noosa yoghurt

When & Where

Feb 2, 2021, Online Webinar

Who Should Attend

Redzone Community Members Only

The Voice of Your Plant: In-sourcing Your Continuous Improvements

Join noosa yoghurt as they share with us how their plant drove a 10pt year-over-year productivity increase in 2020 by leveraging the power of the Redzone Activities page. What started as a project to use Redzone to help address an underperforming production line in 2019 generated such effective collaboration and success, other teams couldn’t help but notice. Now team members from production, quality, safety, maintenance, warehouse, and more are all using 'Redzone Activities' to rally support around their needs and fuel noosa’s continuous improvement journey!

This webinar will focus on how to empower your every member of your team to be agents of positive change on your shop floor by creating Redzone Activities when they identify impactful actions, issues, or ideas. Guest speaker Matt Parker (Director of Manufacturing at Sovos Brands) will explain how noosa employed training, real-time data, forum structures, and a 'task-master' to give a voice to his 'front lines'. Most importantly, Matt will share how this newly-built continuous improvement culture helped simultaneously set new records for output, efficiency, and safety in 2020.

As always, we will welcome the newest members of the Redzone Community and recognize some of their most notable achievements