Event Details

Guest Speaker

  • Rob Sarlls - President & CEO, Wyandot

Where & Who

Oct 22nd, 2020, Online Webinar for Small to Medium Sized Manufacturers


Oct 22nd, 2020

Creating a Culture of Improvement and Sustainability

Everyone wants to improve, but how do you ensure sustainable continuous improvement? Although Continuous Improvement has been around for 30 years, it can still be elusive. Gains from consultants may result in a bump, but too often they peter out soon after the consultant leaves. The key to stickiness lies within your people and the culture that they create for themselves.

Join this event to hear Rob Sarrls, President and CEO of Wyandot Snacks (and Chairman of SNAC International) share his experiences on how a digital production system helped them to:

  • Create a culture where their workers produce continuous improvement
  • DOUBLE DIGIT productivity increases in less than 90 days
  • Increase capacity to support growth without investing in more people or equipment
  • Become a ‘Destination Employer’ where people want to work