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Event Details

Guest Speaker

  • Tony Scotti - President, Taylor Farms

Where & Who

Online Webinar for Enterprise Manufacturers


July 9th, 2020 11am EST

The Connected Team: Unite Quality & Production Teams on the Common Goal - Safe, Quality Food

Learn how a digital production system can enable your connected teams to reach greater levels of productivity, quality, and safety to prepare your company for the digital future.

See how Redzone customers effectively tackle safe, quality food with:

  • Digitized (Paperless) Quality Assurance that results in faster audits and happier auditors  
  • In-line Statistical Process Control to minimize waste before it happens

Surprising outcomes you can expect by digitizing quality and food safety:

  • An increase in productivity and throughput
  • Greater confidence in food safety by connecting the Quality & Production Teams
  • Improved customer satisfaction with instant access to accurate product quality data
  • An engaged workforce culture through digitally improved work environment