Cybersecurity’s Place in Manufacturing

As manufacturers adopt more and more digital solutions to raise output, employee productivity rates, and improve connectivity across teams, the industry is becoming more vulnerable to potential cyber intrusions. 95% of manufacturers now believe cybersecurity measures are necessary for their business but remain hesitant to adopt them due to the high implementation cost. However, the price of not implementing these policies can be even higher – successful cyber attacks frequently result in production stoppages and reputational damage, leading to crippling consequences with lasting impacts on the company’s bottom line. To mitigate these potential effects, manufacturers must incorporate proper security measures into their company policies and procedures in order to protect both themselves and their customers.

There are two primary responsibilities of cybersecurity in the manufacturing industry: secure product implementation and behind the scenes data protection. With cybersecurity measures integrated within manufacturing processes, companies can be assured that nothing will interfere with the production process.

The second responsibility of cybersecurity is to protect the sensitive data and information collected behind the scenes. With the right cybersecurity system in place, manufacturers can detect internal vulnerabilities, as well highly sophisticated attacks by outside hackers. With a cybersecurity strategy in place from day one, installing additional software like Redzone becomes a seamless, secure process and helps organizations use those products in the most helpful way possible.

Enhanced cybersecurity practices can also help manufacturers:

  • Make sure systems are secure by design from day one
  • Build a culture where security is embraced and rewarded
  • Regulate and implement official policies so boundaries are clear

Here at Redzone, cybersecurity is a priority. Through Redzone’s connected worker platform and its built-in security measures, manufacturers will be able to address one of the top cybersecurity concerns facing plants today: the need for people and systems to communicate through technology without sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

To learn more about Redzone and how it could benefit productivity in your business, take a look at our solutions here. 

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