Overcoming Demand Surges, Worker Quarantines, and Supply Chain Chaos with 25% More Productivity


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AquaCal, the world’s largest manufacturer of premium pool heat pumps, used Redzone to counteract a six-week backlog brought on by an unprecedented demand for swimming pools during the pandemic. Within eight months, AquaCal was using Redzone to dramatically reduce their production time and enhance their position as a premium provider in the market.

Bob Kulstad VP & Chief Financial Officer
With Redzone Compliance it’s a different world here at AquaCal

AquaCal’s Results

AquaCal had a compelling need to align people and processes around replenishing their inventory fast, so they wasted no time implementing all four of the Redzone modules—and to great success. On their first day with Redzone, AquaCal broke an all-time record: producing over 200 heat pumps in a single day—a 25% increase in productivity. In subsequent weeks, AquaCal was able to streamline operations significantly by eradicating paperwork and ensuring faster resolution of machine failures by empowering operators, quality assurance personnel, and other shop floor workers to achieve great results.


Productivity Increase


Efficiency Increase


Annualized Revenue Increase

Overall, the improvements in productivity and quality resulted in an increase in annual revenue from $80 million to $110 million. AquaCal simplified their IT systems by replacing their homegrown QMS and Hippo CMMS with Redzone, and line efficiencies rose to the high 80s as a direct result of giving frontline teams ownership of their own performance. This enabled AquaCal to shift focus from struggling to meet increased demands, to implementing quality improvements to enhance their products for their customers.

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