Creating a Frontline Experience Manufacturing Workers Love

Factory work might not seem glamorous, but manufacturing is an industry that offers ample, stable employment in a time of mass layoffs. In addition, manufacturing employees have growing opportunities to win more pay, says Thomas Insight writer Laura Ross in her article, Why Manufacturing Employees Have Negotiating Power Amid Inflation.

There are twice as many manufacturing job openings as applicants, while inflation is soaring, Ross writes. As result, employers have few options but to boost starting salaries and deliver better raises. Manufacturing salaries grew at a rate of 0.6% to 1.3% every month in 2022, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

Manufacturers are eager to retain workers, add new talent to maintain business momentum, and execute on digital transformation initiatives. In addition, new government legislation is offering incentives in targeted areas. In the U.S., the $1.2 Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal provides $89.9 billion to improve public transit, $65 billion to enhance Internet connectivity, and funds for 500,000 electric vehicle charging stations. Similarly, the Inflation Reduction Act will provide $50 billion to build a 21st-century clean energy manufacturing sector and supply chain in the U.S.

Beyond financial incentives, manufacturers can compete by evolving the frontline experience. Companies can use the QAD Redzone Connected Workforce Solution to unlock worker creativity to improve operational processes and make it easy to communicate and collaborate on the factory floor. Factories that deploy QAD Redzone boost overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) by an average of 14 points and productivity by 29% in just 90 days. The platform leverages sensors; mobile, social technology; and targeted coaching to help manufacturers achieve outsized gains.

Workers benefit by being able to contribute great ideas, getting recognized by supervisors with digital high-fives and great catches, and being identified as top talent. Managers can easily see which employees are most engaged and contribute breakthrough ideas, enabling them to tap these staff for new learning and development opportunities.

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5 Strategies for Breaking Through the Manufacturing Labor Shortage and Scoring a Big Win

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