Thank you to all the frontline production workers feeding our nation right now.   Redzone Community response to COVID-19    Click Here


Update 8/13/20

In this unprecedented business environment, food, beverage, and CPG manufacturers are considered a critical infrastructure industry by the Department of Homeland Security. As partners in feeding the nation and the world, we too see ourselves as an essential service to support the Redzone Community through this period, keeping your essential workers on the plant floor informed, productive and collaborating; even if it means some of your teams are working away from the plant.

Of course, our industry is uniquely sensitive to food safety and standard operating procedures already, including effective hygiene and avoiding direct contact with food and packaging. Some are adapting to the situation with increased precautions such as monitoring employees for symptoms and imposing further distancing by staying, and working, at home. At its core, the food industry is prepared to carry on. We too are prepared to carry on and support you.

As part of this essential community, we at Redzone understand that the right communication and collaboration is even more important than ever. We are focused on keeping you informed with links to the best information we can find. We are also hearing incredible stories from our community in terms of how you are leveraging the Redzone technology to collaborate and keep productive in this period. We will share information and these best practices until this crisis ends - which we know it surely will.

Additionally, in response to this crisis we have added new capabilities to further enhance our community’s ability to stay productive and safe while working during this period. 

Please use the following resources to augment your other research and community communications.

  • Click here for useful links to the most current information available from the US government & other agencies with regards to the COVID-19 crisis and Redzone customers
  • Login to the Customer Portal of the Redzone website for best practices to leverage Redzone's unique communication and collaboration capabilities during this crisis
  • Click here to view Redzone's update to our company policies in order to protect our employees and our customer partners through COVID-19

We are committed to the health and well-being of our community and we are ready and able to support your business continuity. The situation and available information changes daily, but rest assured that communication remains our top priority. Everyone relies on our industry to keep the grocery store shelves stocked now more than ever, and we will be part of the solution that cuts through the hysteria. Redzone is here for you now and in the future.

The Redzone Team