250 Food & Beverage & CPG plants took the Redzone 90-day productivity improvement challenge

Plants like YOU

If you run a Food, Beverage or CPG Plant with revenues of between $20M and $500M your plant would be somewhere among those contained in the study with similar:

100% of participants

Took less than a week to deploy OEE App plant wide with no project hassles
Sustained improvements beyond 90 days
Transformed workplace with real-time data deployed on iPads/iPhones

The Redzone 90-day Productivity Program

The Redzone 90-day program is a hybrid of social,

mobile technology and continuous improvement coaching.

Our coaches deliver the program from the ground up, working with plant teams, operators and supervisors; arming them with iPads and transforming their ability to make an impact.

We have proven conclusively and consistently that the version of the truth touted by many industry pundits and“experts” that unlocking the power of Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement is a complex management challenge needing specialized staff and big investment is just not true.

You have already made your most significant investment; your plant and your people; at Redzone we show them how to work as a team to run the plant the best way possible AND to enjoy the process!

We get to work fast, taking only one week to get technology commissioned and then start on improvements immediately.

There is nothing quite like learning by doing and our coaches know how to coach-in new operating practices and CI skills “on the job”.

Armed with real-time intelligence including OEE, these teams are then guided on how to engage, react and improve these challenges. Teams learn new continuous improvement techniques and establish new working practices to ensure these step changes in productivity are sustained.

On the Redzone program your Teams learn and apply new continuous improvement techniques without the jargon; they feel valued and can see the contribution they make as a result; they also get to take the credit, and your management team see dramatic changes in operating efficiencies and profitability.