Redzone Community Awards Dinner, Las Vegas 2017​
Watch a snapshot of the Awards Evening Celebrations​.

What CEOs Say about...
....the impact Redzone has had on their company’s culture and productivity.

Lyons Magnus 'Plant of the Year' 2016
Lyons Magnus win ‘Plant of the Year’ at Redzone Community Awards with a 25% improvement in productivity. Watch how their OEE went from the 60's to the 80's in just under 9 months since implementation of Redzone.

OFD Foods Kaizen Event
OFD, the leaders in diversified freeze dried food take you on short journey through a typical “Kaizen” event where workplace teams learn, practice and implement new lean techniques led by a Redzone Coach. See the results and how they enjoyed the process.

Redzone through animation

A new approach to plant productivity. Watch how Redzone delivers double digit productivity in under 90 days using social mobile technology and an engaged workforce armed with proven Lean techniques.

What CEOs Say about...
....the many benefits to being a member of the Redzone community

What CEOs Say about... easy Redzone was to deploy and how fast they saw actionable data and results.

Witness what the Redzone Community is doing for its members 
Our members gain access to the best lean coaches in their field who gently guide our members through their transformation. They are able to participate in our Community Events, including the annual Awards Dinner, where members network, share ideas, and compare success stories with their peers.

McEntire Produce
See how McEntire Produce increased productivity by 10% in less than 90 days.

So Delicious Dairy Free ®
Watch how the makers of the leading So Delicious Dairy Free ® product range transformed communication throughout their plant. Performance has lifted and the entire workforce love the social aspects of Redzone.

Amy’s Kitchen
Watch how Amy’s Kitchen, the nation’s leading natural frozen food brand transformed performance with Redzone within weeks.

Baldwin Richardson Foods transforms QA with Compliance suite

"We removed around 70,000 sheets of paper from the shop floor within weeks and automated the entire QA process” says John Jonhson, CI manager from Baldwin Richardson Foods. Find out how they made this transformation with Redzone.

Baldwin Richardson Foods raise Productivity

Watch the Redzone 5-step 90-day journey through the eyes of Baldwin Richardson Foods, a privately held leading manufacturer of custom food ingredients and based out of New York. See how they energized the shop floor and delivered a 5% productivity uplift.

Redzone Results
Watch what our customers say about their results with Redzone

Teams work better with Redzone
See what our customers say about how their teams work better together with Redzone

The Redzone Way - OFD Foods Case Study
Watch how OFD Foods, the nation’s largest diversified freeze drier of food, is using Redzone to think differently and see real results; see how their teams apply kaizen & lean thinking to eliminate waste.

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