Redzone helps you make your plant the best. Teams pull together delivering best quality, capacity and performance. They apply tools, skills and data to remove waste and get to the lowest cost.

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Lean out and improve profits by using manufacturing intelligence such as OEE to sharpen up productivity on the shop floor. See how team huddles raise line performance in a week. Instigate kaizen events, drive action and enforce execution. Enable improvements to be sustained, empower teams with a continuous improvement toolset. Fire up your continuous improvement initiatives with built-in event and action management. Establish and track productivity goals with role-specific milestones. Deploy pre-determined meeting structures designed to embed best practices at every level.


Remove paperwork, improve product quality and reduce process variation while meeting FDA and GFSI standards. Drive down giveaway and get processes under control with mobile quality assurance checks, statistical process control and operational checks to drive Standard Work. Deploy mobile operational auditing including safety and GMP to ensure that best practices are adhered to. Guarantee conformance to optimum base settings and incorporate digital job aids to improve operator performance.

Business Intelligence

Create, share and analyze manufacturing information with anyone and on any device, be it smartphone, tablet or PC. Redzone BI is an interactive Business Intelligence suite that allows the generation and deployment of Operational and Quality performance dashboards without any prior technical knowledge or experience. The suite is simple, fast and uses cloud infrastructure to automatically update summarized data subsets that are then used to provide a comprehensive suite of standard dashboards.

Action Management

Ensure opportunities and responsibilities turn into action. Use built-in social network technology to drive all actions amongst shop floor maintenance and quality people. Distribute actions online. Let Redzone find team members and allocate responsibilities and then track completion. Use automated alerts to act as ‘reminders’or review points. Never lose an opportunity to improve.

Social Mobile Platform

Utilize mobile and cloud technologies to set new performance expectations for operations management functions. Work faster, simpler and deliver more for less as a result. Go mobile. Collaborate, escalate and improve through work-chat and alerts. Use news feeds and “following” so actions find you, speeding up accountability and response time. Raise workforce capability with mobile access via tablet or smartphone.


Technology alone will not change the game. To compliment the technology and to instigate best working practices, Redzone includes a 90-day ‘coached–in’ service that introduces proven lean techniques and kaizen events to the workplace teams in under 90 days. Customers deliver an average 12.1% productivity improvements that stick. No boring classroom scenarios, no ‘off site’ inductions - it’s an emphasis on action; learning by doing; making the best working practices habitual and putting reviews in place that move the performance dial.