"The SPC capability within Redzone has been hugely impactful, the shop floor are alerted to out of control conditions, so they are able to act on issues as they occur and our quality teams have all the analytical tools to not just collect the data, but make actual improvements. As a result, we have tighter process control and have seen big reductions in overfill, which has had a major financial impact to the business"

Dave Morris,
McEntire Produce

Statistical Process Control

Reduce variation, monitor for production or process Changes.

Reduce variation and monitor product variables through the use of statistical models and rules.  Deliver histograms and Pareto's, real-time charts such as Xbar and R, P, Np, C, and statistical indices such as Cp, Cpk, Ppk, etc.  Use Redzone’s SPC engine to calculate Control Limits using SKU characteristic standard deviations, and apply standard SPC models for control such as Nelson and Western Electric.  Reporting capability includes Production summaries, Certificate of analysis, Performance against specifications, Statistical summaries and costs of process changes.

  • Reduce Giveaway through true SPC
  • Implement best possible Control Limits from day 1 using auto-calculation based on historic process variability
  • Guarantee that all statistical checks are done on time
  • Create line-side and plant-wide visibility as soon as characteristics are out of control
  • Guarantee the right corrective action is taken by enabling automatic remedial action and alert generation
  • Free QC time by pushing process checks to operators

  • Define characteristics and tolerances by SKU
  • Store Upper and Lower Acceptable, Specification and Control limits
  • Calculate MAV and other Run specific metrics
  • Display Control Charts such as Xbar & R in real time to the operator
  • Auto-calculate real-time reliability metrics such as Cp, Cpk, Ppk etc
  • Auto-calculate Statistical Control Limits based on process variability by SKU
  • Implement Best Practice SPC Rules such as Western Electric and Nelson to establish In Control states
  • Auto-create Alerts and escalation for out of control states to prompt immediate action
  • Analyze historic data to review Giveaway, Cost profiles, and impact of Process changes