“We love how Redzone uses everyday technology features such as social chats and alerts for manufacturing purposes. Our teams love their iPads filled with real-time intelligence on how their lines are running and what actions should be done to correct issues as they happen. This immediacy is helping us maximize our capacity opportunities.”

Bob McGee, President,
Straus Family Creamery

Social Mobile Platform

Go Mobile, Go Cloud, Go Paperless, Go Secure.


Manufacturing is by its nature ‘on the go’ – products don’t get made in offices. Teams don’t sit around desks. Instead it’s an environment where things change quickly and challenges need to be resolved immediately. Redzone has taken the latest in social and mobile technology to provide an on the go Continuous Improvement application that finally makes life easier for the shop floor


Collaborate to fix problems and unite the workforce.
What if you could harness your best people, your best solutions, the latest technologies, and the best ideas from across your entire organization for every shop floor problem? With Redzone you can.

More than just a social network, Redzone transforms the way your shopfloor collaborates around day to day manufacturing challenges, while providing real-time intelligence to your executives and their teams. The Manufacturing Intelligence System Redzone enables the workforce teams to collaborate, escalate and improve through news-feeds, work-chat and alerts.



  • Improve workforce productivity by providing quick access to skilled workers and intelligence from a mobile device
  • Improve response times for teams by leveraging informal communication methods (‘chats’, ‘alerts’)
  • Reduce shop floor training time by leveraging the organic, growing knowledge base that will develop as your teams use Redzone
  • Provides a communication and involvement medium not historically available to the workplace teams. The subject matter of continuous improvement and productivity can now become everyone’s job


  • Enable real-time, secure communication and collaboration across the organization
  • Empower operators, quality and maintenance personnel to post questions or photos, and then share the fix to help others
  • Keep future shifts up-to-date with what's going on in the current shift by following issues, remedial actions, and who is responsible
  • Communicate directives, targets and issues in real-time to the workforce
  • Gain visibility to manufacturing changes, updates, and important items as they occur by utilizing the ‘newsfeed’, a real-time streaming update of manufacturing performance
  • Utilize automated alerts to guarantee checks are completed or continuous improvement actions executed

Access everything a connected shopfloor team needs, on the spot.

There are very few jobs that demand the use of mobile technology more than that of manufacturing shop floor teams. Your teams require critical production information and real-time data at their fingertips, no matter where or when, so they can solve issues fast. With Redzone, your plant floor workforce, supervisors, managers and executives can access Redzone from iPads and iPhones anytime, anywhere. Redzone is the first entirely mobile Manufacturing Intelligence System to deliver performance data in this way.

Powered by the Typesafe stack, (the technology behind Twitter and Linked In) our mobile experience is secure, powerful and easy to use.

iPad and iPhones

The iPad is ideally suited for life on the shop floor. Redzone comes available as an App on the iPad that is enclosed in an IP rated case, ready for the shopfloor environment. It is typically deployed in under a week. With its touch screen capabilities, portability and easy app installation, shop floor teams have manufacturing intelligence at their fingertips. Staff are ready-trained as these devices and technologies are a common feature of people’s home life and they’re fun to use!

Also available on the iPhone, Redzone helps your teams stay connected to each other, while management stays abreast of key performance issues 24 hrs a day on a device that stays in their pockets.



  • Improves the productivity of shop floor teams by combining the ease of use of the iPad with the capabilities of a large-scale continuous improvement and data intelligence system
  • Access to real-time intelligence that moves with the teams. No need to be tethered to hardwire terminals. Ability to react as problems arise
  • Improve response times to in-shift issues
  • Communicate immediately to required resources such as maintenance and quality or to management
  • Paperless checks that moves with the teams and improves adherence to procedures
  • Leverage features already embedded in the iPhone/iPad including the camera to help with continuous improvement endeavors

Let the cloud manage your app while you run your business
On-premise apps have always been cumbersome, expensive and prone to complexity. In addition to the physical requirements of space, bandwidth, and hardware they often have a complicated software stack that needs a team of experts to install, configure, and maintain them.

Cloud computing eliminates these issues. Instead of managing applications in-house, they run in a secure shared data center resourced by experts. Once configured for your organization (which only takes days) you just login and start using it. And since upgrades are done automatically you don’t need to worry about ongoing maintenance issues either.

The Manufacturing Execution System Redzone uses cloud-based technologies to deploy the capabilities across the diverse user community it serves. Role-based, it has been designed to suit the needs of shop floor personnel who are 'on the go' and away from traditional office technology spaces..


  • Dramatic-faster commissioning: 1 week instead of the usual 3-6 months
  • Familiar, intuitive IPad/IPhone interactions make the app effortless
  • The subscription model ensures you only pay for what you use and are generating more savings each quarter than your investment without the traditional up-front capital investment
  • Avoid the typical hidden costs associated with upgrades, version control, database management and poor introduction of new capabilities to your workforce. Updates are now rolled out seamlessly throughout the year at no additional cost
  • Recognized hosting services ensure your solution is secure, fast & reliable