“We removed around 70,000 sheets of paper from the shop floor within weeks and automated the entire QA process. The Redzone quality system does amazing things for workflow.”

John Johnson, CI Manager,
Baldwin Richardson Foods

Paperless Quality Management

Transform shop floor to a paperless QA environment in weeks.

Move to real time QA management. Until now maintaining quality assurance has meant cumbersome shop floor paperwork that must be reviewed, signed off, filed and retrieved for up to 7 years into the future. Now imagine paperless quality checks that move with the operators, remind them when checks are due and alerts to potential issues BEFORE they happen. Fully auditable, with electronic signatures (21 CFR part 11) to ensure compliance with standards, and so configurable it creates any number and any type of checks from HACCP through to regular daily SOP’s (e.g start ups). Redzone can become your online quality management resource. Let iPads become your check boards, and improve quality without increasing costs.

  • Eliminate all shop floor paperwork and excessive administration
  • Be guided by an experienced Coach to ensure full compliance to statutory standards
  • Comprehensive audit-ability across production process
  • Meet FDA and USDA requirements with 21 CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Supports GFSI requirements including SQF and BRC
  • Build rigor and discipline into the quality process
  • Ensure escalation process is consistent and repeatable and actions don’t get missed
  • Detect, correct and minimize process variation in real time
  • Ensure immediate action is taken when quality checks are late, missed or fall to meet specification to prevent scrap, re-work & product holds
  • Enable visibility or quality actions, by line, area, plant & person to drive accountability for quality tasks
  • Improve shop floor communication
  • Force corrective action and the supporting documentation when a non compliance occurs

  • Take advantage of iPad capability in photo, barcode scanning and fingerprint authentication
  • Utilize a single operator interface to alert the shop floor In real time when quality checks are due to be completed
  • Ensure quality checks are completed in a timely fashion by providing a "window of time" for a check to be completed before escalating and alerting if a check is missed
  • Link to devices such as scales to remove human error in the collection process
  • Trigger checks based on a volume of production, a measure of time or % complete of a production run
  • Highly configurable set up allowing checks to be created for a multiple of QA checks including HACCP (i.e. metal detector)
  • Access product spec's at the point of completing checks to ensure compliance
  • Utilize electronic signatures to ensure compliance with standards such as CFR 21 Part 11
  • Single, simple user operator & supervisor interface to create and distribute quality actions
  • Quality action board to provide visibility of ownership and progress of quality actions
  • Alerting capability for major food safety and quality issues
  • Requires individuals to "accept ownership" or actions and report status and progress enabling complete visibility on the action cycles
  • Audit ready reports to pull history