“An iPad with real-time intelligence combined with the right Continuous Improvement skills is a winning combination that will transform our shop floor.”

Robbie Rech, President,
Hope Hummus, LLC

Real-time OEE Management & Automated Data Capture


Introducing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) alone has little impact on plant performance. Measuring losses do not make them less lost; seeing comparisons between lines, shifts and plants is helpful but does not solve problems. Results happen when OEE is managed not just measured. They happen when people take action and respond in real time.  

The best plants put Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to work before losses mount up. Alerts and actions flow to iPads effortlessly and get done. Losses are a fact of life; but now teams react without fuss, reducing wasted time and returning to standard rate. 

No more complex automation projects to capture OEE!!

The familiar story of MES Automation projects could make any Plant Manager think twice: months of disruption; electricians wiring, technicians programming PLC’s, engineers and contractors fitting costly HMI’s and the prospect of budget over-runs. Redzone’s automation platform changes all that; it is a “Black Box” data logger that pulls data from any PLC, sensor or relay to the Redzone database in the cloud. Data is converted to manufacturing intelligence on the iPad and deployed out to the worker right away. One week. Plug in. Switch on. Plant wide. That’s it.

  • ‘Ready to go’ Manufacturing Execution System that can be downloaded and used within minutes, virtually “training free” for the shop floor
  • Contemporary, social and consumer style design removes “intimidation” factor for the shop floor
  • Operator dashboard pushes accountability for performance down to the shop floor and turns the front line into continuous improvement assets
  • Standards are adhered to avoiding unnecessary maintenance call outs
  • Lines start on time, saving hours of production time each week
  • Operators are prevented from adjusting optimum line settings without generating alerts
  • Line teams review and adjust performance mid-shift reducing unnecessary product loss
  • Product changeovers go smoothly and quickly increasing shift productivity.
  • Performance can be compared between SKU, Shift, Run and Crew
  • Capture the “hidden losses” that go unrecorded on paper such as minor stoppages and speed losses
  • Simple automation interface mean “in-house” teams can manage the data logger without relying on third parties allowing customer team to rollout to lines and plants independently

  • Mobile Manufacturing Execution System
  • Visual management in multiple formats from mobile device to large LCD screen output
  • Real time performance dashboards for metrics such as OEE, including location, area, plant and enterprise roll ups
  • Hourly OEE flight path for the shop floor
  • Production schedule attainment and real time run progress report
  • Top Loss analysis and pareto of Performance, Availability and Quality
  • Capture and monitor crew size enabling metrics such as “Units/ Lbs per Man Hour”
  • Standard Operating Procedure (SOP’s) guides and images of SKU to ensure compliance
  • Pre-configured outputs to support hourly shop floor huddles and End of Shift and End of Run reports
  • Feature-rich automation platform enabling Redzone to connect to a broad range of plant and process types
  • Capture analogue data relating to the process (e.g. temperatures, pressures, speeds)