"Through Redzone we have converted high level company goals to specific 90-day productivity improvement milestones for the shop floor. These can be tracked, analyzed and people rewarded for the contribution they have made. It’s an incredible journey to watch our organization become truly integrated."

John Damon,
VP Manufacturing & Engineering,
OFD Foods, Inc.

Goals & Milestones

Establish built-in goals and milestones to track Productivity journey.

Too often production-based initiatives focus on the work methods at the production line level where the value is created. However significant opportunities exist to ‘operate properly’ at the management team layer if effective processes are established. Redzone’s Goals & Milestones capabilities expands review meeting structures beyond operator-level huddle meetings, and introduces improvement cycles at the management team level with built-in pre-configured structures and systems that the teams can be led by.

  • Establish clear goals and alignment through ‘Vital Few and Unbreakable Rules’
  • Bridge the disconnect between leadership and work forc with ‘Waste Walks’
  • Improve morale (and OEE) as operators feel part of the solution
  • Introduce action and meeting cycles to improve accountability

Built-in mandates with a set of easy to understand guiding principles on how to ‘operate properly’ that links directly to company goals. Role-specific productivity goals are established within Redzone to track and monitor improvements. Visualize ‘current’ and ‘future’ state opportunities that become embedded into the working life of the plant. Link 90- day milestones to company level goals so that every level has specific targets to work towards.