“The Kaizen experience was impressive. It accelerated our improvements and has provided a digital space where can collaborate with all the right people”

John Johnson, CI Manager,
Baldwin Richardson Foods

Continuous Improvement Management

Establish, Track and Execute Improvements that stick

Redzone is the first Continuous Improvement software that automates all Continuous Improvement activities and connects everyone in real time leveraging social technologies to win the hearts and minds of the workforce. Tap into playbooks of routines and operating practices designed to re-enforce desired behaviors. It uses proven continuous improvement methods and behavioral science including the Toyota Production System, Root Cause analysis, Fishbone diagram, ‘5 Why’s’ and a bespoke change management system to bring order and discipline to an organization’s continuous improvement strategy.

Fire up continuous improvement activities with online event management. Replace arduous paper-based kaizen events with automated capabilities that establish, track and schedule tasks to the teams.

Connect the dots between improvement endeavor and financial returns. Link continuous improvement activity to the operating Profit and Loss of the plant. Track how much opportunity remains to be realized against each kaizen and accelerate actions on high priority initiatives.

  • Utilize empiric data to drive problem solving rather than “gut feel”
  • Gain visibility and control over all continuous improvement activity that is occurring across the plant network
  • Ensure teams are addressing the true root causes of issues and not jumping straight to solutions
  • Engage the entire work force in the improvement process
  • Address the “big hitters” first
  • Keep track of previous Kaizen’s to ensure actions are “sticking” and financial impact is sustained
  • Create transparency and competition between lines and plants giving visibility of % cost saving goals

  • Multi-plant/area kaizen scorecard shows real time status of all improvement activity across the plant
  • Summarize kaizen goals, team leads, action progress, due dates and completion
  • Attach documents, photos etc. that provide supporting information on the kaizen
  • Walk the “kaizen” team through the root cause analysis – use tools such as fish-bone diagrams and ‘5 Whys’
  • Identify solutions to problems and rank based on their likely impact
  • Provide visibility to the shop floor on improvement projects, to keep them engaged
  • Define the value of the opportunity (“Found”) and track savings generated to date and on an annualized basis (“Saved”)
  • Roll up Kaizen savings by area and by plant
  • Track your kaizen forecast for visibility of savings or capacity to be achieved over the next 30, 30 – 90 and 90+ days
  • Monitor the status of the Kaizen (Analyze, Action, Sustain) so you can track that improvements are being sustained