“We have become a Visual Factory with Redzone. Having iPads deployed
throughout the shop floor means our teams can take immediate corrective actions inreal-time without being tethered to a terminal.”

Mike Bartikoski, COO,
Roskam Bakery, Co

Redzone BI - Business Intelligence

Rapidly create and deploy sophisticated analysis to smartphones, tablets or PC’s


Merely collecting raw manufacturing data will not lead to action – this data must be transformed into meaningful intelligence that relates directly to people in a format they instantly understand. Redzone Business Intelligence provides sophisticated ways to create, share and analyze information with anyone and on any device, be it smartphone, tablet or PC.

It is an interactive Business Intelligence suite that allows the generation and deployment of sophisticated manufacturing dashboards without any prior technical knowledge or experience.

The suite is simple, fast and uses cloud infrastructure to automatically update summarized data repositories which is then used to provide a comprehensive suite of standard dashboards, designed by leading Six Sigma “Black Belt” analysts.


Create and share interactive dashboards in minutes without any technical resource requirements, allowing users to make rapid decisions and gain consensus on true impact of issues and appropriate actions.

Allow people to make decisions at a glance following their natural train of thought, removing the traditional “analysis paralysis” associated with data review.


  • Gain a true understanding of underlying reasons for losses
  • Filter out noise in the data to create focus and consensus
  • Embed Best Practice Data Analysis without need for technical resource or significant training
  • Push analysis to all roles and positions, fuelling ideas and actions across the organization
  • Confirm or debunk suspected issues or hypotheses immediately with quantifiable facts
  • Monitor and demonstrate subtle impacts of Improvements helping to quantify and celebrate wins


  • Out-of-the-box template dashboards, specifically designed to deep mine, trend and analyze Redzone data
  • Summarized data repositories of production KPI’s, improvement data and context by hour, day, week, shift, run etc.
  • Ready-to-use scalable Cloud infrastructure
  • Capability to deploy outputs to any Windows or Apple PC’s, iPads, Android/Windows Tablets and all smart Phones
  • Statistical Trending and target monitoring

Enable non-technical users to rapidly create custom outputs to respond to production requirements, providing immediate answers to questions, quantification of results and visibility of historic and current trends.

Improve the speed and quality of decision-making, saving valuable time that would otherwise be spent collecting and deciphering information, or debating opinions and possible solutions.


  • Put meaningful information directly in the hands of the people that need it
  • Allow people to rapidly confirm or debunk suspected issues or hypotheses with quantifiable facts
  • Enable rapid creation of sophisticated one-off outputs without need for any technical resource
  • Allow suggestions and ideas to be supported with real information
  • Ensure good information is rapidly shared to anyone in the organization


  • Summarized data repositories of production KPI’s, improvement data and context by hour, day, week, shift, run etc.
  • Simple pre-configured options to join different data sets based on all permutations of time, location and common fields
  • Drag and Drop rapid chart building, filtering and formatting capability
  • Out-of-the-box sophisticated graph and analysis templates
  • Dashboards with multiple interactive charts
  • Export to Image, PDF, XL, Printer, etc.

Generate custom business dashboards that inform the business at a glance, allowing analysis of standard and custom leading and lagging KPI’s, filtering, exception highlighting and visual analysis.

Create real-time operational time dashboards that can be embedded into the Redzone application, corporate portals or any web page.


  • Allow executives and management to understand at-a-glance the historic and current status of the production operation
  • Highlight by exception any KPI’s failing to hit targets or trending in wrong direction
  • Review both leading and lagging measures, allowing problems to be anticipated and avoided before they become topics in a monthly report
  • Allow executives to drilldown to understand context and causes of problems without reliance on word of mouth


  • Summarized data repositories of production KPI’s, improvement data and context by hour, day, week, shift, run etc.
  • Pre-calculated and summarized KPI’s to avoid complex calculated report columns
  • Visual Management to highlight exceptions and sub-standard results
  • Capability to report on leading measures such as huddle adherence, action completion, chat volumes, meeting attendance
  • Email and Export capability to Image, PDF, XL, Printer, etc.