"At OFD we believe in “one right way” to do things and consider standard work an essential element of our Production System. To have this capability “baked" into the Redzone product is a huge advantage ensuring our shop floor teams have 1. A visual reference to the standards for each given SKU 2. Can confirm they are adhering to those those standards 3. Have a tool to communicate deviations to those standards and the reasons why. It makes a real difference to ensuring consistent standards across lines, SKU’s and shifts"

John Damon, VP Manufacturing & Engineering
OFD Foods, Inc.

Base Settings & Job Aids

Establish optimum production line settings & monitor discipline.


A manufacturing plant has many people of different experience levels, background and skills. Historically work place ‘experts’ have passed knowledge on through informal communication methods that can be distorted or ignored over time. Operators may be left to ‘feel’ their own way and operate the line to the best of their ability. This can cause a wide range of variability in performance due to the unnecessary tampering with the equipment.

The Compliance suite of Redzone aims to eliminate these ad-hoc processes through the Base Settings capabilities. Base settings define the agreed parameters for all variables/settings on a production line. Job Aids are the training and reference documents to help operators perform their jobs correctly in a repeatable manner.

  • Eliminate subjective opinions for Base Settings
  • Optimize ‘time-served’ experts knowledge while eliminating unstructured methods
  • Standardize ‘Base Settings’ and make visible to all
  • Establish Base Settings on objective Redzone data
  • Utilize incumbent experience to establish optimum Base Settings
  • Establish ‘Unbreakable Rules’ to live by
  • Deploy standard Job Aids to help with user adoption and monitor conformance
  • Improvement adherence – use ‘alerting’ methods for deviations from defined standards

  • Base Setting & Deviations

    Base Settings are deployed along with a deviation workflow in order to establish discipline around machine settings.

    The prescriptive base settings establish the deliberate practice of always setting the line to base settings at the start of each shift and run. Deviation workflows are then introduced to enable teams to communicate when a line moves away from base settings. This provides a focal point for the teams to review and improve the defined base settings over time as they learn more about the optimal conditions and parameters for running the line. The process teams will then review deviations and where appropriate, the base settings will be adjusted to define a new standard.

  • Job Aids and One Point Lessons

    Job aids which are often referred to as ‘One Point Lessons’ can be used for both ongoing training and as reference guides. A common application is for customer specifications including labeling formats, date coding and pallet configurations. Job aids are traditionally laminated documents in folders which, as well as being time consuming to create and administer, does not put them in the hands of the operator when they need them. During the service pack deployment Job aids will be linked to locations, assets and products so that Redzone can provide a filtered view based on what is being produced at that time providing easier access for operators.