"Redzone has enabled us to become more rigorous with our audit and review processes while freeing up more time to focus on proactive improvement opportunities.The built-in triggers and alerts means we are able to guarantee adherence to standards in a totally paperless way."

Joe Schloesser, Engineering Director,
Farmers’ Rice Cooperative

Audits and Checklists

Guarantee Operational compliance across the plant.

The Audits & Checklist capabilities within the Redzone Compliance suite helps ensure Operational Compliance across production areas and teams. Audits in the workplace are used to ensure activities are executed based on agreed policies and procedures. Audits also help employers remain compliant with regulatory requirements and external auditing bodies.

  • Go paperless with non-quality related checks including 5S, Safety and GMP
  • Improve productivity due to disorganization with 5S techniques and Audits
  • Introduce periodic audits to maintain ‘standard work’ compliance
  • Guarantee start-ups and Changeovers through SMED Techniques and Checklists with telemetry
  • Embed new working practices to improve team wide productivity

Despite best intentions the fallibility of people sometimes means that mistakes are made and standards may not always be adhered to. Without the use of audits and checklists organizations can find themselves in a constant education and re-education loop as people and situations change.

Checklists and audits provides a mobile way to control work methods and standards while, at the same time, providing continual education to users in real-time.

Redzone enables teams to become self-managing so that they not only adhere to processes but use Redzone’s built-in mechanisms to self correct the process if not at standard.

Application examples include:
  • 5S Audits
  • GMP Audits
  • Start Up checklists
  • Safety Audits
  • Pre Op Check Lists
  • Changeover checklists

The audit capabilities provide a “score” that reflects a “Pass / Fail” exercise. Scores can be monitored over time to allow teams to assess performance and improvement. Sanitation or safety walkthroughs are typical uses of this functionality.
Audits and checklists are automatically launched with “triggers” that may be time based, run based or event based. The built-in telemetry capabilities means the typical process of paper audits that includes printing, distribution, return, filing, manual analysis and sign off, etc. is eliminated.