“We have become a Visual Factory with Redzone. Having iPads deployed
throughout the shop floor means our teams can take immediate corrective actions inreal-time without being tethered to a terminal.”

Mike Bartikoski, COO,
Roskam Bakery, Co

Action Management

Convert potential to actual improvement with Action


Redzone’s action management is the thread that joins all the dots. Social networks typically share news and communication between people, but Redzone also uses this technology medium to interweave the team’s activities and allocated actions, providing control and visibility across the entire operation from shop floor to the management layers.

Action workflow capabilities are embedded across both Productivity and Compliance components. It is only by taking action that improvements can be realized and is a core element of the Redzone technology. Kaizen actions force the execution of tasks that will ensure solutions are implemented in a timely manner to address the root causes of problems. Distribute actions online. Let Redzone find team members and allocate responsibilities. Track completion of actions and use standard reporting to drive ‘burn down’ review meetings.

  • Teams focus on the actions required to change the score in real time not just report the score like traditional MES systems
  • Eliminate the individual note pads that create a “black hole” and lead to actions being “missed”
  • Create a proactive environment, where issues are addressed before production takes a hit
  • Improve communication from the shop floor where teams don’t have access to email and other forms of communication
  • Eliminate the administration (minutes taking etc.) by capturing the actions in real time during the problem-solving phase of the Kaizen event

  • Integrated action workflow to support the following actions types: Safety, Quality, Cost, Delivery and Improvement
  • All outputs enable an immediate action to be generated with “1 click” ensuring the system is focused on action management not just measurement
  • Personalized action boards, enabling actions to be “split” between daily operations actions and longer-term improvement actions
  • Leverage 'push' notifications, so your actions come and find you and your team members
  • Review your operations actions, track actions that you have delegated or monitor the progress of actions of an area, plant or team you are responsible for
  • Require individuals to “accept ownership” of actions and report status and progress enabling complete visibility on the action cycles
  • Provide real time alerting when new Kaizen actions are distributed and enable team members to “take ownership” and track status (Done, Started etc.)
  • Kaizen Action board breaks down actions into time periods for completion
  • Track all Kaizen actions in a single report to be used at weekly “Kaizen Burndown” meetings
  • Track % completion of individual actions as well as overall Kaizen achievement
  • Alert and track all out of tolerance Quality assurance checks