McEntire transform their operations with Redzone 

Watch how McEntire Produce has managed its growth and reduced costs with Redzone's technology and coaching program.

About McEntire Produce

Headquartered in Columbia, SC, McEntire Produce is a third-generation family owned private fresh produce processor, repacker, and wholesaler. Founded in 1938 as a tomato repacker, McEntire Produce now offers a variety of products including fresh-cut, ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables; repacked bulk tomatoes in various sizes; and wholesale commodity produce of all types and variety. All products have a shelf life of 8-14 days and are 100% natural with no preservatives.

They joined the Redzone community to improve performance to unlock capacity in their busy summer months, and reduce their cost per unit in their slower winter season. The Redzone initiative provides a platform for accurate plant intelligence that can then be used to instigate actions, change practices and behaviors. Transitioning from their current paper based system to a real time environment is core to their success. To learn more about McEntire Produce, please