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Coach Bio 3

Continuous Improvement Coach
Coach3 serves as a Continuous Improvement Coach for Redzone,
operating from Lancaster, PA

With 9 years of manufacturing experience in the Chemical, Paper, CPG, and Automotive Industries, including the Miliken Performance System, Coach3 has a diverse background working on large capital projects as well as managing multiple Kaizen and Continuous Improvement programs. Full of energy and excitement, his style focuses on defining standard work, building sustainable production systems, and driving accountability for action results. Coach3 received his undergraduate degree in Industrial Management and is completing his MBA.

“Redzone is helping us unlock the hidden capacity available in our plant so that we can confidently take on more demand and remain lean. Having real-time intelligence in the hands or our shop floor is the next step in our continuous improvement journey.”

John Anthony Orlando, VP Ops,
Orlando Baking Company™